What the Children Say About Our School


This is what our children have to say about Newton Hill School...


I love our Golden Rules so when you are a grown up you know how to be a good person.”


“I like our school because we keep everyone included.”


“I love our school because we can learn and see our friends.”


“Our school teaches us how to be a better grown up.”


“We have five Golden Rules to keep us sae and we do not accept bullying!”


“We have good teachers that help us!”


“I like to do all of my work for my finished box so I get stickers.”


“I like writing. It’s fun to write sentences. I am trying to remember all of my tricky words.”


“I like the big field because there is more room for everyone to play different games.”


“I like the teachers because they teach fun things.”


“I like the library because you learn things you didn’t know about.”


 “What I like about the school is you get to learn everything, when you move class as you get older you get to learn more.”