What is Friends Of The School?


The Friends of the School (FOTS) is a group of parents/carers who work with the school to plan, organise and run fund raising activities. Our aim is to raise money so that we can purchase additional resources for the children at Newton Hill Community School.


Anyone can join the Friends of the School, there is no long term commitment required – any help is greatly appreciated.


 Email address: FOTS@newton-hill.org.uk 


Meeting dates: 2017
Monday           6th February 2017      (9am)
Monday         27th February 2017      (9am)
Friday           17th March 2017           (9am)
Wednesday    10th May 2017             (2.30pm)
Wednesday      7th June 2017            (2.30pm)
Wednesday      5th July 2017             (2.30pm)
Wednesday    18th October 2017       (2.30pm)
Wednesday      1st November 2017    (2.30pm)  
Tuesday         22nd November 2017   (6pm)    Next Meeting 
2016/17   FOTS events:
Christmas Fair                              - Wednesday 7th December 2016
Easter Extravaganza                     - Tuesday 4th April 2017
Summer Disco                              - Monday 19th June 2017
Summer Fair                                - Wednesday 19th July 2017
Community Day                            - Friday 28th April 2017 - Mr Thompson 
Community Garden project            - Lloyds Bank - Tuesday 23rd May
2017/18   FOTS events:
Community Day                             - Friday 29th September 2017
Halloween Disco                             - Thursday 2nd November 2017
Total amount raised from FOTS events :
Christmas fair  -   £1200
Easter event    -   £689.65
Summer disco  -  £231.77
Summer Fair    -  £897.67