School Uniform

Our School uniform:
  • Bright red plain jumper, sweat shirt or cardigan (school logo optional)
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Black trousers, skirts or shorts
  • Red gingham dresses
  • Plain black or red tights (no patterns please)
  • Plain socks (black or white)
  • Sensible black shoes. In bad weather children may change from wellingtons / boots in the cloakroom (exceptions for medical needs).
  • Long hair (beyond shoulders) should be tied back. School coloured/neutral hair accessories to be kept to a minimum.
PE Kit consist of:
  • Indoor PE Kit - Plain Dark Shorts and a plain white t-shirt
  • Outdoor PE Kit - Plain Dark Shorts and a plain white t-shirt.
  • Plain dark track suit top and bottoms for cold weather.
  • Trainers (any style/colour) that your child can fasten themselves.
School Expectations:
Nail varnish is not permitted. The only jewellery that is allowed is a watch and stud earrings. Please leave valuable/precious items at home. If your child has pierced ears and they are unable to take out or put back in their own earrings, micro-pore tape will be used to cover earrings during PE lessons. Staff are not authorised to remove or replace children’s earrings.