Physical Education

PE Leader - Mr Sharp

What does PE look like at our school?

At Newton Hill Community School, Physical Education is taught twice a week to all

children (one session indoor and one outdoor). We follow a two-year rolling

curriculum which focuses on teaching our pupils the range of skills they will need to

be competitive in a variety of different sports and activities.

Our staff are incredibly passionate about the subject and are always looking at

ways to further develop their skills in the teaching of PE. We currently work

alongside external coaches from Elite Kids Coaching who deliver lunchtime, afterschool

and curriculum lessons to all our children, whilst also providing our pupils

opportunities to compete against other local schools in competitive level 2


Sainsbury’s Gold Mark

Since 2018, Newton Hill Community School has achieved the Gold Mark each year

for our sporting offerings to our pupils. Attendance for after-school clubs and external

competitions have consistently risen as we have put more emphasis on the

importance of daily physical activity. This achievement is something we are very

proud of!


Fitness Fortnight

The importance of sport, health and well-being are recognised throughout every year

in school. Each year, we dedicate two weeks in the Summer Term to allow all our

pupils to experience different activities taught by external coaches and our own staff.

It is hoped that these new experiences may help our pupils to develop a love for a

new sport or even to take part in it outside of school. During the fortnight, curriculum

lessons are focused around how to stay fit and healthy, with examples of work

being shared in Celebration Assembly at the end of the week.



Competitive sport is a vital component for the development of our students. Each

term, children across Key Stage 2 take part in competitions against other local

schools where we focus on respect, teamwork and resilience. We have also partnered

up with schools from the Outwood Cluster and through our links with Elite Kids

Coaching for Level 2 competitions off site, with the possibility of further Level 3

competitions to follow if successful.

Each child in school is also given the opportunity to compete against their own

‘personal best’ throughout the year in a range of different activities. This helps our

pupils to discuss ways to improve their skills and track their own progress.


Forest Schools

Through our external guides, all pupils across school are given the opportunity to

learn outdoor wilderness skills during curriculum lessons each half term. This

includes den making, fire building and how to use certain equipment appropriately.

We use our wildlife garden and our two large fields for the outdoor lessons.



Children in Year 5 attend a weekly swimming lesson where they work towards

achieving their National Curriculum requirements through the effective teaching of

necessary skills. Our pupils will earn badges and certificates as they go along, whilst

also taking part in specific water safety lessons.