Aspirations Week - 26th February - 2nd March 2018

Aspirations Week – Day 1

Monday 26th March

Newton Hill Community School welcomed

Elliott Ward & Kate Offord

Mr Sharp introduced Kate Offord and Elliott Ward in the school in assembly. Mr Sharp invited the children to guess what sports Kate and Elliott did. After guessing their sports, the students asked various questions regarding the sports, training kit and lifestyles of Kate and Elliott. Following assembly Kate and Elliott visited Year 5 and KS1 (Nursery to Year 2). The students asked Kate and Elliott various questions about how they came to do the sports they now love and what kinds of food they eat and their training regime.  The children also discussed the sports they did which included football, horse-riding, gymnastics, karate, dancing, rugby to name a few. Kate and Elliott encouraged the children to participate in and take up all sports offered to them both in school and by local clubs.  They told the children that playing sports was a great way to meet new friends as well as gaining a love for a particular sport, keeping healthy and having fun along the way. They explained to the children how many of the friends they had made doing their various sports, where still their friends to this day. Proving that through sport you can also make lifelong friendships. They also spoke to the children about the different food types and what benefits healthy eating and exercise can have to keep everyone fit and well!

Aspirations Week – Day 2

Tuesday 27th March

Newton Hill Community School welcomed

A host of wonderful role models from a variety of industries and professions.

Ms Brook introduced a host of wonderful role models from a variety of industries and professions in the school assembly. Ms Brook invited the children to guess from a panel of guests which profession they had. Our “Whats My Line” got all the children thinking and asking super questions which lead them to guessing different careers such as a surgeon to a beautician. Our volunteers went into the classrooms where the children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and finding out how our volunteers got to where they are today. The visitors divided themselves across all the classes in small groups. The children were able to question and discuss with the various professionals about their work. The children were able to use some of the tools and equipment used by the guests in their professions. They were able to find out in more detail the skills and expertise needed to do each of the very varied jobs.