Curriculum Provision

Our 5 Golden Rules are part of everything we teach at Newton Hill. We believe our 5 Golden Rules are rules for life and prepare children for their life ahead.


  • We always keep everyone included;
  • We always keep everyone safe;
  • We always keep everyone learning;
  • We always try our best;
  • We are always honest.

The curriculum at Newton Hill is organised around topics / themes that make it engaging for the pupils. 

We believe in ‘wow’ starts to topics and may use visits and visitors to hook the children into their learning.

The core subjects of English and Maths are taught daily but links to the other subjects are forged where appropriate. Pupils will practise their English and Maths skills in the other subjects. This helps us to assess their learning as it shows they can apply the skills taught in other areas. 

The core subject of Computing is also taught as a subject but used across the curriculum to support learning.

The use of real books throughout the theme ensures pupils are immersed in good quality literature which models how readers and writers behave.


Our Curriculum Plans
Our Curriculum Plans (EYFS to Year 6) will provide you with information about what is taught in each year group at Newton Hill Community School. You can also find more information in the National Curriculum.